Every great empire that has come before the United States has eventually fallen. Some have fallen at least somewhat gracefully, like Great Britain. Others, like ancient Rome, well, not so much. 

As I write these words, more and more ink has been spilled regarding the looming threat to the American-led world order. Words such as “de-dollarization” and a “multipolar world” are thrown out often, perhaps simultaneously or even interchangeably.

And indeed, “de-dollarization” is happening, albeit at nowhere near the speed some doomsayers describe. And we are likely already in a “multipolar world” where the United States is no longer the sole superpower. Instead, a new cold war—this time between the United States and China—seems to have dawned as East and West once again bifurcate and globalization slows down and begins to reverse.

Not surprisingly, what plays out over the next few years will have a significant impact on investors. But first, let us strip away the hyperbole and describe what exactly is happening.

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